The IoT gateway provides a flexible and fully configurable platform for integrating and  monitoring external signals or sensors. The hardware platform provide a varied range of interfaces and sensors that can be integrated and used according to the user’s needs. The remote unit is capable to control:

  • 8 Outputs (DPDT Relays)
  • 8 Inputs – optoisolated
  • 8 Digital RS-485 ports, capable to communicate to distances up to 1Km
  • 1 GSM Modem (External of embedded)

Front panel of the unit

Top view of remote unit mainboard

Digital – RS485 – channel can communicate with digital sensors such as Temperature/Humidity/IO/Analog Signals or any custom  sensor that can feed with data the RS485 ports.

Data can be stored to High Capacity SD card, send through the IP interface to a live server or viewed in real-time from the embedded Web Management Interface. In addition, automated actions can be set through the configuration tool for executing actions based on the current conditions – such as:

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Input status
  • External IP signal
  • Counter

 The configuration software is running under Linux and Windows and is capable to monitor and configure system parameters and actions:

System options

Actions configuration

Sensors configuration – monitoring

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